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  • "There is no substitute for experience"

    How I help you with construction-related problems.

    The best way to address construction related problems is by assessing the problems, identifying the cause of the problems, and explaining what effect those problems may have on the structure and its occupants. I do this in the following ways:

    • Plan review - Plan review is comparing the plans, drawings, specifications and manufacturers' installation instructions with the requirements of the applicable codes. This is to establish a basis of compliance and non-compliance to the applicable codes.

    • Construction review - Construction review is reviewing and inspecting the construction, in progress or as-built, documenting compliance or non-compliance with the plans, drawings, specifications, manufacturers' installation instructions and applicable codes (the Construction Documentation).
    I have a variety of certifications in construction, including Florida General Contractor, Florida Standard Inspector, and am certified by the International Code Council as a Plans Examiner and as a Combination Inspector. (See my Curriculum Vitae).

    I can bring my experience, knowledge, and abilities to work on your behalf through the following consulting services:
    • Construction Consulting:
      • I serve as a set of expert eyes watching over your construction project, finding and documenting items or procedures that are in compliance or non-compliance to the Construction Documentation. The information I provide you will support you in getting the problem fixed by the responsible party—whether that be the contractor, a subcontractor, or a supplier.

    • Construction Defect Mitigation Consulting:
      • My aim here is to provide complete and adequate documentation of any problems with or deviations from the Construction Documentation. The documentation I produce will support you in getting the problem resolved with the contractor, subcontractor, or supplier. I also review and inspect the correction of those problems and deviations, providing you with 'substantial compliance' documentation which can be used to offset future litigation.

    • Construction Cost Recovery Consulting:
      • My work here is to identify recoverable costs when engineering is revised rather than the making of repairs. I do this by documenting construction and materials which are not in compliance with the Construction Documentation, allowing you to achieve the most cost-effective and satisfactory correction of deficiencies.

    • Construction Litigation Consulting:
      • When a construction project is either going to litigation or is already in litigation, I review the plans and other documentation for compliance to manufacturers' installation instructions and applicable codes. I then review the construction project for compliance to this documentation. In addition to providing documentation of my findings, I can serve as an expert witness.

    • Personal Injury Litigation Consulting:
      • When a person is injured either on a construction site or through contact with a structure or building, I can review and inspect the structure or building to document what in the finished construction does not meet the applicable codes or installation instructions. Such a determination assists in assigning liability in any resulting litigation. As in construction litigation consulting, I can serve as an expert witness.
    So what can these services provide for you?
    The assurance of an expert pair of eyes. Early analysis to allow for correction of potential problems before they cost time and money. Technical and professional expertise every step of the way. Adherence to construction deadlines and goals. And, if any problems arise, an experienced and convincing litigation consultant to help you minimize liability.

    My experience, analysis, and professional skills can make the difference in your construction project or case.
    How can I help you?

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