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Jerry Peck
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  • "There is no substitute for experience"

    Construction Defects, Defect Mitigation, Construction Litigation, Personal Injury Investigations

    Work with clients in Florida and other states addressing their needs as related to building construction and building codes by providing the following services:
    • Construction consulting prior to, during, and after construction of low-rises, mid-rises, and high-rises
    • Plan Review
    • Inspections
    • Construction Defect Mitigation prior to, during, and after construction
      • Plan and Document Review
      • Inspections
      • Defect Mitigation Inspection
      • Owner’s representative/contractor’s quality control inspections/document review
      • Code compliance inspections
      • Inspections
    • Construction Litigation Consulting for construction related issues
      • Actions involving Builders/Developers/Home Inspectors
        • Plan Review
        • Inspections
        • Expert Witness
      • Personal Injury resulting from an issue with a structure or a building
        • Plan Review
        • Inspections
        • Expert Witness
        • Expert witness investigations and testimony
        • Code compliance inspections
        • Plan/document review
        • Some examples of some interesting litigation cases worked on:
          • Slip and fall – down stairs and on walkways
          • Wheelchair – wheelchair slid off public walkway alongside road reconstruction
          • Employees – pinned by rolling dumpster
          • Construction sites – bicycle accident of child at construction site
          • Restaurants – patron sat on toilet in restroom and toilet shattered
          • Construction defects – documented that an entire downtown redevelopment project was non-compliant with the approved plans and documents and non-compliant with the as-built plans and documents: building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical
      • Florida Building Code definitions:
        • Structure. That which is built or constructed.
        • Building. Any structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or occupancy.

      Building Code and Building Construction Question & Answer Board
      Providing answers to questions from inspectors, contractors, owners, and the general public
      Codeman for

      Provide answers to questions from inspectors, contractors, owners, and the general public on – a building code and building construction question & answer board Provided code compliance inspections and plan review for municipalities, counties, school districts, and for contractors in Florida, both with Authorities Having Jurisdiction and with Private Provider engineering firms.

      Experience and background:

      Over 45 years construction experience, new construction, existing buildings, renovations.
      Over 25 years as an active state licensed General / Building Contractor (since 1989)
      Over 25 years as a full-time Consultant/Private Building Inspector (since 1990)
      Over 20 years as a construction consultant/expert witness in residential construction defects
      Over 10 years performing AHJ (city/county/schools) code inspections (2006-2015)


      Florida Certified Contractor:

      • General Contractor CGC1504241
      • Building Contractor CBC0047612

      Florida Certified Plans Examiner:

      • Standard Plans Examiner PX3250
        • Building Plans Examiner
        • Standard 1 & 2 Family Dwelling Plans Examiner SFP232
        • 1 & 2 Family Dwelling Plans Examiner

      Florida Certified Inspector:

      • Standard Inspector BN3269
        • Building Inspector (non-residential and residential)
        • Plumbing Inspector (non-residential and residential)
        • Mechanical Inspector (non-residential and residential)
        • Electrical Inspector, Commercial (non-residential)
        • Electrical Inspector, Residential
        • 1 & 2 Family Dwelling Inspector (1 & 2 dwellings for all disciplines)
        • Coastal Construction Inspector

      Florida Certified for the additional requirements for Educational Facilities

      • Special Requirements for Educational Facilities (SREF)
        • Allows Plan Review and Inspections of Schools, Universities, and other educational facilities

      International Code Council (ICC) Certified as:

      • Plans Examiner - 5145074-B3
        • Building Plans Examiner (non-residential and residential)

      • International Code Council (ICC) Certified as:

        • Combination Inspector - C8 5181943-C8
        • Building Inspector (non-residential and residential)
        • Building Inspector, Residential
        • Plumbing Inspector (non-residential and residential)
        • Plumbing Inspector, Residential
        • Mechanical Inspector (non-residential and residential)
        • Mechanical Inspector, Residential
        • Electrical Inspector (non-residential and residential)
        • Electrical Inspector, Commercial (non-residential)
        • Electrical Inspector, Residential
        • Coastal and Flood Plain Construction Inspector

      Certifications Previously Held:

      Structural Masonry Inspector, Florida Concrete & Products Association (this is no longer available)

      Florida Certified Pest Control Operator: (Retired)

      Florida Certified WDO Inspector: (Retired)

      Florida Licensed Pest Control Company: (Retired)

      Professional Affiliations:

      International Code Council (ICC) 1991 (formerly SBCCI) - current

      Building Officials Association of Florida (BOAF) 2004-current

      Building Officials and Inspectors Association Volusia-Flagler Counties (BOIA) 2010-current

      Professional Participation:

      UL Standard Technical Panel Member - STP 67, 2015-2018

      Panel member, Mike Holt’s video “2005 Changes to the National Electrical Code”

      American Indoor Air Quality Council - South Florida, February 2003

      FPL (Florida Power and Light): Presented consumer education seminars on building construction and efficiency

      Provide expert opinions and code answers for other inspectors through Internet inspector forums, e-mail, and phone


      Authored Publications:

      • Inspectors’ Code Reference Source (ICRS) - Author

      Building Code Q&A Forums:

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